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Welcome To Haydell Industries

Welcome to Haydell Industries, your Advanced Coatings and Application Technologies leader. Haydell Industries is your solution for spray painting with nitrogen, spraying with Nitrogen, N2 spraying, efficient painting, green painting, and all other nitrogen spray painting solutions.

Haydell Industries is here to answer all your questions relating to the following nitrogen spray painting items:

Spray Painting with Nitrogen (Spraying with Nitrogen)

Green Painting

Heated Nitrogen

Efficient Painting

ACAT Green Machine

Perfect fluid carrier

Advanced Coatings and Application Technologies®

For over 25 years, Haydell Industries has supplied the paint and coating industry with the latest equipment, technology and process analysis.

If you are using compressed air with any type of coating you will save time, money and materials with Haydell Advanced Coating and Application technology. Our State of The Art Technology gives you 100% control of delivery.

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It Saves time, money and increases profits

Haydell Industries serves all paint coating and application needs for industries such as; aerospace, wood furniture/cabinet, aircraft furnishing, collision repair, car manufacturing, automotive parts, oil field tools, oil rigs, etc...

Haydell's Blended Nitrogen Technology drives down paint costs, reduces and prevents corrosion, shortens drying and improves quality of finish.

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Most Advanced, Patented Method and Apparatus

Nitro-Tech Systems's state of the art of Technology dramatically improves the quality, reliablility, safety and cost effectiveness of your spray painting systems.

Industry Secrets Revealed

Find out the secrets that hundreds auto body shops across the U.S. & Canada have known for years. Why they are able to increase profits while so many can't and why they have such an unfair advantage over their competition.

Secrets revealed inside this document. Limited copies available. Get your copy now!

Based upon the manipulation of atmospheric nitrogen, Haydell's Advanced Coating and Application Technologies® delivers a perfect fluid carrier for total control of the coating process.

Nitro-Tech drives down paint costs and increases productivity

• Reduces cycle time 30 to 50%

• Gives better coverage by up to 30%

• Provides material savings 20 to 30%

• Higher DOI (Definition of Image)

• Reduces filter consumption by up to 50%

• Reduces booth maintenance because of reduced overspray

New system had been awarded US patent #8,1777,140